With participation in the Reading Makes Cents program, you’ll do so much more than just help K–8 students learn, understand, and apply SOL concepts.


You will also:

  • Earn three free books (with library binding) for your library.
  • Encourage your students to learn about money, making choices, and saving.
  • Reward students for reading.
  • Give students the chance to win a $529 college savings account from Virginia529.
  • Online entries must be received or paper forms postmarked by April 5, 2024.

Plus, the school with the highest participation rate in each of the seven VaASL regions will receive $500 worth of financial literacy books for the school library!

To Participate

Computer and book

Bring Reading Makes Cents to your school by signing up below.

Online entries must be received or paper forms postmarked by April 5, 2024.

Submit an application online or print a copy and return it by email, fax or mail.




The selected books will help your students understand how money works in the world. These lessons could lead to increased financial success in your students’ futures.

One important concept in these books is saving money for long-term goals like college. To reinforce this lesson, Virginia529 is offering the prize of college savings accounts to 14 student participants. We know the sooner a student starts saving for higher education, the more accessible it becomes.


With your participation, Reading Makes Cent$ can help to make today’s students a generation of savers with a strong understanding of money.

Your Free Books


For participating in the Reading Makes Cents K–8 financial literacy program, your library will receive the following books with library binding for free: