Reading Makes Cents is a financial literacy reading program, available to K-5 students and librarians across the state of Virginia.


The program teaches a multitude of financial literacy and SOL concepts through a selection of engaging books, lesson plans, and fun activities

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The Results Are In

With an impressive number of participating schools and student entries, this year of Reading Makes Cents was a huge success. Thank you to all who participated!

Congratulations to the student and librarian winners:


Student Winners

  • Gabrielle C.
    Grayson Highlands School
  • Clinton C.
    Grayson Highlands School
  • Kayla E.
    Bellevue Elementary
  • Alayna M.
    Meadville Elementary
  • Yanet D.
    Westridge Elementary
  • Lauraleen I.
    Westridge Elementary
  • Gwynth B.
    Lawson-Mariott Elementary
  • Noah W.
    Lee Hill Elementary
  • William G.
    South River Elementary
  • Amelia H.
    Smithland Elementary School
  • Jason G.O.
    Meadow View Elementary
  • Miranda H.
    Meadow View Elementary
  • Christopher C.
    Nansemond Parkway Elementary
  • Kingston H.
    Nansemond Parkway Elementary

Librarian Winners*

  • Allyson Watkins
    Phenix Elementary School
  • Tosha Penkrot
    Nansemond Parkway Elementary School
  • Terri Vangelos
    G.W. Carver Elementary School
  • Kelly Machovec
    Westridge Elementary School

* Based on highest percentage of students participating.